Tuesday, April 15, 2008

High School Newspaper Interview

A few weeks ago, I answered some interview questions from, Brooke Eades, a writer for the High School paper, The Kelly Kall Student Newspaper.  The story will be out in May I believe so when it is finished I will post it as well.  For now I have taken one Q & A, to post that I thought was a appropriate since summer is fast approaching and school will be out which means Seniors are going to College and Juniors will be taking over as School leaders.  

What advice do you give high schoolers?

The world is a much bigger and more diverse place than the place you are living at right now, whether it is a small town, big city, with or without your parents. Life is going to change dramatically and the best advice I can give you is, treat people with respect.  Treat people how you would like to be treated.  I know kids are tired of hearing it, but I was in school too, and now I'm 27, and the lesson is; High School and Junior High do not last forever, and who you are now, will change once you enter into the real world.  Your friends now, may not be there for you later in life; but maybe those people that weren’t your close friends, but you were polite and respectful to, they may just rescue you one day.  Those people that you thought “odd or different or gay,” grow up too and one day they may be your friend, neighbor, co-worker or boss.  Enter the world with an open mind, if you are confused ask people questions.  There is no dumb question!  When my brother died, people made it awkward, because they wanted to ask questions, but were afraid of offending me.  I found it more offensive that they would rather be ignorant than ask an open-minded question.   Learn about new cultures and religions, learn about the LGBT(Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender) community, you may be surprised by what you learn and even more surprised to find out that we all have common interests and may form some amazing friendships with people from all walks of life.  Don't take life for granted, because after High School life moves a lot faster than you'd like, so make everyday a learning opportunity.   We are all people, just trying to live our lives and trying to find our own love and happiness.  Under no circumstance should anyone have to live in fear.  Hate has no place in this world.


Corron said...

Bro I totally agree with you on this issue..Hate has no real place in this world or even in sociaty in general..Hate has done nothing for anyone for the past 60 years..For 60 years we have been in conflicts and in wars and suffering from poverty at the hands of our own government..anyway I am very sorry that Matt was taken from you and your parents..I feel for you.I just recently lost my mom and I didn't even get a chance to talk to her ever or spend time with her.Anyway you have my support and the support of San Francisco (BAY AREA) 415 baby..If I could give you a hug and cry with you I would..Anyway I hope that you are doing ok..I hope to talk to you more..Joe Breton

DesertFox said...

Very good advice! When I was in Junior High and High School it just seemed it would go on for eternity. Then came the University and I helped that one drag along longer than it should! After that it has been nothing short of a timewarp. 30 years can evaporate in a blink and then your left trying to figure out what good you have done with your life. Use your time wisely and don't rush each day, enjoy the hours.